the offer on April 2nd

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the offer on April 2nd

Post by qtn200 on Thu Apr 02, 2015 10:11 pm

had to post some thoughts on what happened tonight when DTM showed up. i didn't want to spam any leaders. delete this if you feel it is inappropriate, i wont be offended.

first point - DTM said he doesn't shoot little guys and that he feels they should be allowed to grow. 
he killed my lvl 17 flayer 2 nights ago in a stack of 14 players who were mostly 100+  , isolated incident? perhaps. 
i got the impression that Vonderkluge was his main character, maybe it isn't him.

2nd point - i have seen this before. i played TIB years ago when there was only 2 servers. my corp was offered to join murder inc. we accepted. 
they only wanted the leaders and high level players. 
those who were not good enough were left behind. 
try farming in the rift when your lvl 12 in a battleship and no-one helps you.

i know there are no guarantees with this and i will follow the leaders wherever they might go.


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